Wednesday , May 31 2023

Semen Donor Asked To Stop By Court After Fathering 550 Children

Dutch judges have ordered a man suspected of fathering more than five hundred and fifty children through sperm donations to stop donating, in the latest fertility scandal to shock the Netherlands.

The man, identified in Dutch media as Jonathan Mwas dragged to court by a foundation protecting the rights of donor children and the mother of one of the children allegedly fathered from his sperm.

Dutch clinical guidelines say a donor should not father more than 25 children in 12 families, but judges said the man had helped produce between 550 and 600 children since he started as a sperm donor in 2007.

Judge Thera Hesselink prohibits the defendant from donating his semen to new prospective parents after the issuing judgement.

The judge ordered should he continue with his donations, he would face a One hundred thousand Euro fine for every transgression, as well as additional fines.


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