Sunday , April 2 2023
Ubanmhen Launches Hashtag To Support Institutional Reform Act

Ubanmhen Launches Hashtag To Support Institutional Reform Act

Ubanmhen Launches Hashtag To Support Institutional Reform Act


An Institutional Reformer Jonah Ubanmhen has Launched a Social Media Campaign In Support Of Institutional Reform Act. Ubanmhen who is inviting the public to express support for the Institutional Reform Act with a new hashtag #NigeriaSupportsIRA says it is a way of offering better opportunities for the society. Jonah is actively taking the lead in the campaign for a legislation that will drive key reforms in major public institutions in Nigeria. According to him, Nigeria’s institutions should be reformed first on the basis of the country’s developmental advantages and priorities and second, new and changing developmental challenges that the country is currently experiencing. He says It is obvious that Nigeria needs Institutional overhaul to drive her capacity to transform her status to a developed state adding that this is especially important with the perspective of future governments. He further explains that the mission of the campaign is to elaborate, within the next few months, concrete recommendations on how to strengthen Nigeria’s capacity to act, to protect it’s fundamental values and to strengthen her resilience, especially in light of the global economy uncertainty. According to Ubanmhen there have been demands for deeper reforms and accountability, giving authorities a fresh opportunity to steer a new way forward, however, for sustainable developments to take place, recognizing and addressing underlying factors that have contributed to our economic challenges is vital. Fundamental changes will be required to address the current challenges and to avoid repetition of the country’s economic failure in the past,” said Jonah He appealed to government to make the most of the opportunity to relentlessly implement key institutional reforms that promote ease of doing business and strengthen the resilience of the domestic economy to externally induced macroeconomic shocks. Jonah harped on the value of this strategy for this time, particularly in building both technological and managerial capacity as well as broadening the entrepreneurship base., according to him, a major policy and institutional reform should be implemented.


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